Interdisciplinary Research and Impact Fund for Culture

Man in silhouette with umbrella sits by a live Catherine Wheel

The new Interdisciplinary Research and Impact Fund for Culture supports the creation and development of collaborative, cultural interdisciplinary projects which have the potential to develop into ambitious funding applications or lead to significant research impact.


It is open to colleagues across the University of Leeds to develop an interdisciplinary research or impact project with representation from the arts and humanities and/or a cultural element. We are keen to see projects that lead to ambitious interdisciplinary research proposals and/or meaningful partnerships and significant real-world impact.


We are interested in receiving interdisciplinary proposals which might involve connections between radically different disciplines as well as projects built around cooperation between neighbouring disciplines. Funding decisions will be taken jointly by the Cultural Institute and the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute.


The total scheme budget is £25,000, and applications between £500 and £2,000 are welcome.


The panel will consider applications above £2,000 where an exceptionally strong case is made, but applicants should be mindful of the total budget available. Although we particularly welcome applications in three key strategic areas – culture and health, culture and environment, and creative economy – we are also keen to support projects outside these where the funding might catalyse new activity or build on emerging academic and non-academic partnerships.


The deadline is Friday 23 October at 4pm. Applications should be sent directly to, copying in Heads of School to denote School approval, and any queries can be addressed in the meantime to either Elizabeth Garcha (Research and Innovation Development Manager, Culture, or Erica Ramsay (Project Manager, Cultural Institute,


Please refer to the application form for full scheme guidance