Serena Vandi

Serena Vandi


Dante Alighieri; Carlo Emilio Gadda; multilingualism; intertextuality

My research
I am working under the supervision of Dr Gigliola Sulis and Professor Claire Honess on the PhD project Dante, Gadda and ‘multilingualism’.
Dante Alighieri and Carlo Emilio Gadda were firstly linked in 1951 by Gianfranco Contini: according to him Dante was the father of a literary style as well as a theory of language labelled as ‘multilingual’ and Gadda belonged to this Dantean line of literary evolution, the ‘funzione Gadda’, as opposed to Petrarch’s ‘monolingual’ one. Despite this famous link and the common use of the same label of ‘multilingualism’ as a distinguishing feature referred, independently, to Dante and Gadda, there is an unexpected lack of extensive studies comparing the two authors and going beyond a mere collection of quotations.

The aim of my research project is to fill this gap and explore the relationship between Dante’s and Gadda’s multilingualism, beyond the labels and deeply into their texts. I will compare their attitudes towards literature, the roles they give it, their reflections upon language, then their concrete uses of language in response to their needs, in order to understand whether and how these uses are linked and which are the main features of what we generally call ‘multilingualism’. My hypothesis is that in these cases ‘multilingualism’ is more than a mixture of different languages, but a general tendency to satura which has a cognitive value.

About me
I graduated in Arts – Modern Literature (Lettere) from the University of Bologna in 2011, with a BA thesis in Dante’s Literature and Criticism entitled Neologismi e Ineffabilità nel Paradiso di Dante, under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe Ledda. There I analysed two neologisms in the Paradiso, ‘trasumanar’ and ‘indovarsi’, in relation to Dante’s poetics of ‘ineffability’.

I then obtained my MA degree in Italian Studies (Italianistica) from the same University in 2013, with the thesis Faville dantesche nei fuochi gaddiani: tre “sistemi” di dantismi in Carlo Emilio Gadda, under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe Ledda and the co-supervision of Professor Federico Bertoni and Professor Riccardo Stracuzzi. In this work I analysed three case-studies of Gadda’s reuse of Dante’s text.

During my BA and MA degree I was a student of the Collegio Superiore, the Institution of Excellence of the University of Bologna, where I attended interdisciplinary courses and seminars, with final exams, and was supervised by Professor Cristiana De Santis.

In 2013 and 2014 I was co-curator of Qualcosa di Noi – Museo del turismo e delle tradizioni, a museum of history of tourism in Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN) and I worked there as a museum operator and tourist guide.

In 2014 I worked as a planner of cultural events in the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna, within the UFO – Università Fuori Orario project, supervised by Professors Costantino Marmo, Federico Condello, Francesca Tomasi and Ivo Quaranta.

In 2014 and 2015 I worked as a proofreader at Maggioli Editore, a publishing house in Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN).

In 2015 I worked as a teacher of Italian, History and Geography in two high schools in Rimini and Riccione (RN).

Dante in Gadda: lirismo “ricombinante” ne La Madonna dei Filosofi, in “L’Alighieri” 45 (2015)

Gadda e Dante. “La Madonna dei Filosofi”, in Gadda e i classici italiani, University of Bologna, 11 November 2015

Event Organisation
Cross-Cultural Crossings – School of Languages, Cultures & Societies Postgraduate Conference, University of Leeds, 06 May 2016