FRAME (FRAnce roMan guErre)


In 2006, the Arts and Humanities Research Council awarded £450k to Professors Margaret Atack and Christopher Lloyd to carry out the following three year project: 'Narratives of the Second World War and Occupation in France 1939 to the present: Cultural Production and Narrative Identity'.  

The project was established to address a series of key questions in relation to fictional and cultural representations of the Occupation and WW2 in France since 1939:

  • How valid are the current critical and historiographical approaches underpinning analysis of representations of the Occupation, being essentially derived from major literary and historical research in the 1980s on 'the Vichy syndrome' and 'la mode rétro'?
  • What relations can be established between narratives addressing themes and problems of the years of Occupation and War, and their own contemporary contexts?  How do these relations change over the decades?  What evolution can one detect in key themes in relation to the history and memory of these years?
  • To what extent will the fact of surveying and analysing large numbers of minor and neglected texts provoke a revision in the canon of war and occupation novels in France, and in itself affect the periodisation of representations across the postwar period?