Portrait of Joanna Finn

Joanna Finn

I'm an enthusiastic, bubbly and hard-working student originally from Kent. I'm half French and half English and love to travel.

One of the reasons I chose to apply for my course here was because Spanish and economics were my two favourite subjects at school. I love speaking other languages and have a keen interest in the Hispanic world, and I have always closely followed current affairs and economic news. My course at Leeds gives me the opportunity to combine these two interests whilst studying at a Russell Group university in a big vibrant city. I was also attracted to this course because I knew Leeds offered excellent opportunities for the third year abroad.

Overall I have really enjoyed my course, especially in second year, and feel that I have greatly advanced my learning in both subjects. Although at first I found the maths in first year challenging, extra classes were offered to those without maths A level and it turns out I was pleased with my exam results. I have really enjoyed a module in Spanish literature this year and have also appreciated opportunities to take modules in subject areas outside of my degree, such as French politics. As a joint honours student I have had several opportunities to discuss economics in Spanish conversation classes, during which we often have debates about current controversial issues. I also recently chose to do a presentation which focused on the economics of Latin America in the 20th century.

Next year I will be studying in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, at one of the biggest universities in Latin America. I am thrilled to know that I will be living in the "Paris of South America" and can not wait to immerse myself in the language I have been studying for so long. Travelling will hopefully be a key part of my year abroad; I hope to explore both Argentina and several of Argentina's neighbouring countries whilst I am there.

I am really happy with the learning facilities in the School of Modern Languages; reading materials and films are readily and freely available and much of what we learn in lectures is put up on the internet for students to find easily.

I could not be happier with my choice of Leeds as a city. Seeing as Leeds is home to several universities, everything here is tailored towards students and there is something to do every day of the week. I enjoy living further up north, somewhere big, vibrant and fairly cheap, and I also truly appreciate the cultural diversity that can be found in this city.  Leeds University Union is one of the best in the country and offers societies for pretty much anything you can think of. Personally, I have made use of societies representing political parties and have also tried out several choirs and dance classes. The Spanish departmental society (SLAPSoc) is one of my favourites;  I have even travelled to Madrid and Barcelona thanks to this society.

My aim in the future is to work in a large international firm and studying Economics and Spanish will hopefully open up opportunities to do this. I am not yet sure exactly what field I wish to specialise in. I have been looking for internships in key consultancy firms, such as management consultancies or recruitment consultancies. Being fluent in Spanish enables me to truly discover other cultures all around the world, whilst studying economics allows me to stretch myself academically and gives me a firm understanding of financial and political affairs.