Amy Stansfield

Before university, I had never studied Classics before, so the first year compulsory modules in Greek and Latin literature were a good foundation and formed a basis for me to follow my interests in second and third year.

I enjoyed Greek literature, so decided to take the opportunity to study the Iliad and the Heroines module. Heroines is one of the special subject modules based on our lecturer’s own research.

As a languages student, the course also gave room to pursue language learning as part of my degree outside of French, so I took Beginner’s Latin in first year and a discovery module in Spanish in second year.

After taking a French history module in second year, I also realised that I was interested in history and the flexibility in the course meant I could take more history-based modules in Classics in final year, such as the Rise of Rome and Pompeii. This module also helped me to choose a dissertation topic, as I’m currently writing about women in the army during the French Revolution.

Outside of studying, Leeds is a vibrant community, and there are plenty of subject specific and general interest societies to get your teeth into.

The Classics society is a great way to meet people on your course from all different year groups and they organise events throughout the year.

In terms of living in Leeds, I like that you get the best of everything. As a campus university, there’s a real sense of community when you’re here, but it’s also right next to the city centre, so there’s always plenty to do.