Introduction to Knitwear

Student work - knitwear

Introduction to Knitwear

Join this two-day short course to increase your awareness about the knitting process, make-up skills, knitted structures and quality issues.

Course dates

17-18 June 2020

Location School of Design, University of Leeds
Cost £595.00


Course content 

You’ll learn how to get the better results when working with overseas suppliers. The recognition of knitted structures and their analysis, pattern generation, shaping and fashioning will be covered along with the production of cut and sew products. Cost implications are discussed throughout the two days.



Day 1 

• The Machine
- knitting elements, needles, needle beds and cams
- loop formation in knit tuck and miss
- single bed/double bed
- terms and definitions

• Knitted structures 1: texture
- stitch transfer
- tuck and miss patterning
- pointelle and cables

• Garment styles & production
- cut and sew
- fully fashioned
- whole garment
- common garment shapes
- common fit faults

Day 2

• Machine requirements for knitwear
- CAD systems
- Machine functions

• Knitted structures 2: colour
- Jacquard
- intarsia
- stripes
- plating

• Quality aspects for knitwear
- stitch length and dimensional stability
- common faults, review of bad samples
- knitwear techniques in fashion garments

• Yarns for knitwear

• Knitted fabric analysis
- analysis of weft knitted fabrics
- yarn path notations

• Knitwear finishing
- milling
- scouring
- printing

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