Dr Leonardo Costantini


Leonardo Costantini (BA: Perugia 2011; MA: Perugia 2013; PhD: Leeds 2017) is a Visiting Research Fellow at the IMS, while he is also holding a postdoctoral position at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

His research does not only focus on textual criticism and on ancient literature in Latin and Greek, but also on medieval manuscripts. In 2015, while completing his PhD in Classics at Leeds, he started to work on the Ripon Fragments, a collection of sixty-five leaves in parchment and paper detached from the bindings of early-printed books from Ripon Cathedral (now preserved at the Special Collections of the Brotherton Library).

He reprised this research on the Ripon Fragments in 2017 and 2018, thanks to the generous grants received as an LHRI postdoc and a Brotherton Fellow at the University of Leeds, under the mentorship of Professor Emilia Jamroziak

As an IMS Visiting Research Fellow, he is currently preparing an updated version of the catalogue of the Ripon Fragments.



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‘Love stories as a narrative trope in Plutarch’s Amatoriae Narrationes and Mulierum Virtutes, and Apuleius’ Metamorphoses’, forthcoming in Rivista di Filologia e Istruzione Classica (2019)

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‘Reconstructing the Semantic Complexity of the Latin Terms Magus, Magia, Magicus’; forthcoming in Proceedings of the 19th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, publisher: De Gruyter (forthcoming 2019)


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