Dr Emily Hansen

Dr Emily Hansen


I joined the University of Leeds as a Teaching Fellow in Early Modern History in January 2022. I completed my PhD at the University of York; my thesis examined the role of grammar schools in early modern English society between the late fifteenth and the mid-seventeenth centuries.

My research interests include the ways in which education, grammar school or otherwise, ‘fit’ into early modern English society, what it meant to be an ‘educated’ person during the early modern period, and the extent to which eduacation was actually affected by factors like the Reformation or humanist learning: the gap between theory and practice here is a fascinating one. 

I am also interested in taking a prosopographical approach to the study of early modern education, focussing on the people asosciated with grammar schools, such as school founders and schoolamsters, and how their lives can help us further understand early modern attitudes to learning and teaching: my most recent pubilcation was on the subject of early modern English grammar school masters as a prosopographical category and what their lives can tell us about the occupation – not quite, at that time, a profession – of teaching. 

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  • PhD History (University of York)
  • MA Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (University of York)
  • BA Hons. History (University of Victoria)