Stephen Twort


Prior to joining the School of History at Leeds, I completed my BA in History, MA in History by Research and MA in Political Theory at the University of York.  My MA dissertation explored the relationships between animal welfare and human rights legislation in the United Kingdom, arguing that strong anthropocentric discourses promoting human exceptionalism and supremacy hierarchise the subjects constituted in such legislation, enabling and justifying the ‘necessary’ suffering of nonhuman animals for human ‘needs’.

Research interests

My PhD project analyses ‘animal-human’ power relationships in Britain (c.1930-present) utilising a theoretical perspective influenced by Foucauldian thought.  Accordingly, this thesis examines a range of primary source materials produced by institutions in the sectors of agriculture, medicine and policing to make visible the discourses and practices that function to constitute docile bodies.  Furthermore, this thesis considers and challenges the ethical justifications that aim to legitimise such processes of instrumentalisation, considering how the resistance produced in such relations of power/knowledge constitutes new possibilities for conceptualising these subjects and their relationships.  


  • BA History (University of York)
  • MA History by Research (University of York)
  • MA Political Theory (University of York)