Samuel Wallace

Samuel Wallace


I completed my BA (Hons) at the University of York in 2016, during which I completed a thesis studying the impact of mechanisation on the British cavalry during the interwar period. Following this, I began to specialise in military history, undertaking an MA in War and Strategy at the University of Leeds from 2016-17, completing a dissertation on the development of British armoured doctrine during the interwar and its impact on British armoured forces during the Second World War. During the course of this I applied to begin my current PhD research, which began starting in September 2017. My thesis focuses on the Tunisian campaign during the Second World War, and its formative and crucial role in developing the Allied armies as a fighting force prior to the their return to the continent in the Italy and Normandy campaigns, and aims to integrate this understudied campaign into a complete narrative of how Allied forces evolved through the war.


I am currently employed as a postgraduate tutor on the International History and Politics HIST1819 module, 'International History, 1919-1989: Conflict, Co-operation and Change', within the School of History.

Research interests

My research interests primarily reside in the field of military history, and in particular on the development of doctrine and methods of warfare within armed forces, and their adapatation, refinement and employment on the battlefield. This combines the approaches of traditional military history, oriented around tactical, operational and strategic studies of warfare and campaigns, with the conception of armed forces as social and corporate bodies and the processes by which they learn and adapt, and how this impacts the development of their approaches to problems, namely the defeat of the enemy. This is underscored by the focus of my research on the Tunisian Campaign in my thesis, which aims to demonstrate how an inexperienced and newly constructed Allied army developed over the course of its baptism of fire, and the rapid innovation, dissemination and development of new strategies, tactics and equipment, which allowed it to ultimately achieve victory over the Axis powers in North Africa.


  • Master of Arts in War and Strategy
  • Bachelor of Arts in History