Sam Swash

Sam Swash


I first graduated in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Politics from the University of Chester, with my dissertation being a study of Hugo Chavez's cult of personality in Venezuela and its impact on the international socialist community. During my final year, I set up my own wholesale clothing business, KJS Clothing, which I successfully managed for two years following my graduation. In late 2015, I was offered the opportunity to join the University of Chester's bespoke Business Consultancy Masters, a programme aimed at "individuals who have showed strong entrepreneurial skills". I was awarded funding for the Masters degree from URENCO UK, a world-leading uranium enrichment conglomerate through which I was employed for the duration of the Masters degree and beyond my graduation in 2015. Between June and October 2017, I was co-opted onto the board of directors at Conference National side Chester Football Club, during which time I was responsible principally for the Business Intelligence and Research portfolio.


Current Research:
The aim of my current research project is to understand the influence Stalinism had and has on the North Korean state. Whilst studying and recognising the theoretical debates surrounding Stalinism, the research will examine the question of what Stalinism is from the unique North Korean perspective, analysing the extent to which North Korean leader Kim il-Sung based his formative regime upon Stalinist ideology before examining to what extent elements of Stalinism remain apparent inside contemporary North Korea.

Research interests

My predominant research interest is concerned with the history and politics of North Korea, with a particular interest in the cult of personality of the Kim dynasty. More generally speaking, I am interested in the following topics:

Belarus and Alexander Lukashenko

Communist ideology

Cults of personality

Latin American socialism



The UK Left

Venezuela (Chavez-Maduro era)