Jethro Norman

Jethro Norman


Current Research Project: Frontiers of Force: Liberal Peacebuilding and the Global Private Security Industry in East Africa


About Me & My Research
I am a fourth-year PhD candidate who has recently returned from intensive multi-sited fieldwork across three East African countries - Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia. I am currently writing up my thesis which interrogates the relationship between local and global non-state security actors in a variety of contexts commonly characterised as 'fragile' or 'post-conflict'. In particular, I explore how a proliferation of international Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) is profoundly influencing the wider East African security environment. 

Although ‘parented’ by the School of History, my research has a deliberately broad, interdisciplinary focus, and in addition to historical research I also draw extensively on social science research methodologies, particularly ethnography and political economy analysis. I have been at the University of Leeds since 2011, receiving a first class degree in International History and Politics (IHP) at undergraduate, and passing my MA by Research with distinction for the year 2014/2015. 

Prizes and Awards
Drummond-Wolff Prize for Distinguished Work in International Relations and Politics
School of History Full Scholarship Award (MA by Research)
University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Scholarship for Doctoral Study


Research groups and institutes

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