Eilis Boyle

Eilis Boyle


I completed my MA by research at the University of Leeds in 2016. This project examined the social and psychological impact of facial injuries in Britain after the First World War. 

I am currently completing my PhD thesis, and am a member of the European Research Council-funded Men, Women and Care project, which examines the establishment of formal and informal structures of care after the First World War. 


‘An uglier duckling than before’: Reclaiming agency and visibility amongst facially-wounded ex-servicemen in Britain after the First World War’, Alter European Journal of Disability Research, 13 (2019), 308-22. 

Jessica Meyer and Eilis Boyle, Evidence to the Women’s and Equalities Committee Mental Health of Men and Boys Enquiry, 22nd May, 2019.

Book review of Stefanie Linden, They Called It Shell Shock: Combat Stress in the First World War (Solihull: Helion & Company Limited, 2017), Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, 2017

Teaching experience 

University of Leeds

2017-2019, Seminar tutor, HIST1055: Historiography and Historical Skills. I designed a module around my research interests, which explored gender and disability after the First World War 

2018/19, Seminar tutor, HIST1210: The Modern World, 1750-1989

University of Huddersfield 

2020, Lecturer and seminar tutor, AHH3211-1920: The Great War: Culture and Society

Research interests

  • Gender and disability history

  • Masculinities 

  • Physical and mental disability/difference

  • Facial difference 

My PhD thesis explores the experiences of facially and psychologically-wounded veterans in interwar Britain. It considers issues of agency and visibility, analysing power structures and the negotiation of gender norms and stigma within varying sites of care, including the state, institutions and domestic spaces.