Simon Lewandowski


An artist who teaches. Lewandowski creates objects and assembles devices with electric mechanisms. He knows how to do many things and if he does not know he learns them, with confidence and the unshakeable positivist faith of the Great Nation of Self-Assembly. This nation which, with just a few taps on the keyboard, knows how to find the instructions on the net to assemble celibate machines and hifi systems with gold pins and thermionic valves of Soviet production, to hijack aircrafts and, essentially, to use objects designed for A for function B, awaiting somebody else to find the way to make them work also for C...." (Eugenio Alberti, Unknown facts from the biography of Elvis Presley: an essay on Simon Lewandowski, Milan 2011) Publishing as a way of distributing and a way of making; multiples and ready-mades; rules and the use of language in making art; hypnosis, automatism, extreme optical effects and other things on the margins... Helping students to use critical thinking and the written or spoken word as tools in making art alongside the more familiar crafts. First Year Fine Art Studio Module Leader, Study Abroad Coordinator.


  • School Study Abroad Coordinator

Research interests

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Student education

Studio practice teaching with overall responsibility for Level 1 studio Modules.

Research groups and institutes

  • Artists’ Writings and Publications Research Centre (AWP)

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