Dr Andrea Colella


I am a Judaist with research interests especially in History and Languages. I studied in Rome ("La Sapienza" University), where I gained a Bachelor ("Laurea di primo livello") in Oriental Studies with a thesis on loan words in Modern Hebrew. Then I went to Germany, where I studied at the Centre for Jewish Studies and Heidelberg University. I obtained my Magister in Jewish Studies and Semitics with a thesis on the history of the Jews in Southern Italy. In 2013, I became University Assistant in Vienna (Austria) at the Institute for Jewish Studies. There, I gained my doctoral degree in Jewish Studies. Among my duties, I was lecturer of Karaites Judaism, Old Syriac and Jewish History, and an Assistant Editor for "The Textual History of the Hebrew Bible" (Brill).

I am proficient in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Syriac), I studied Akkadian, Classical Arabic, as well as acquired a basic knowledge of Sumerian and Ge╩Żez. Apart from language acquisition, I focused my attention also on different biblical and non-biblical traditions, such as the Peshitta and the Enochian Literature.

Currently I work as a Post-Graduate Research Assistant at the Cecil Roth Collection and the Sadler Seminar Series.


  • Post-Graduate Research Assistant for the Roth Collection
  • Co-organiser at Sadler Seminar Series

Research interests

I have a highly multidisciplinary background and have been involved in numerous research fields, including Hebrew Bible, Biblical languages, Oriental Studies, and Semitics.

My main research focus has recently been on the History of the Jews in Southern Italy. I have looked at the different settlments, putting the focus on the epigraphical sources and comparing them with the legal ones. Following on my doctoral thesis, I am currently working on migration waves within Italy after the "Rinascimento" (Renaissance). With this purpose, I am currently exploring the available material at the Cecil Roth Collection.

Furthermore, I aim to analyse the role which the Jews played in Italy during the "Risorgimento" and the consequences of this process on their life.

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  • Ph.D. in Jewish Studies (Vienna)
  • M.A. (Magister Artium) in Jewish Studies/Semitics (Centre for Jewish Studies/Heidelberg University)
  • B.A. (laurea di primo livello) in Oriental Studies (University of Rome