Professor Dr May Thorseth


2008 -     Professor Faculty of humanities, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology

2001 -     Director of NTNU’s Programme for Applied Ethics

2005 - 2008 Associate professor and director of Programme for Applied Ethics, Department of Philosophy, NTNU

2002 - 2005 Senior researcher and director of Programme for Applied Ethics, Department of Philosophy, NTNU

2000 - 2002 Associate professor at Department of Philosophy, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (teaching argumentation theory)

1995 - 1999 PhD position, Department of Philosophy, University of Gothenburg

1992 - 1994 Lecturer in Philosophy and philosophy of life (“Filosofi og livssyn”), Department of Philosophy, University of Trondheim

1991 - 2000 Researcher at SINTEF Technology and Society, Trondheim (working life research related to technology and migration)

Research interests

Environmental ethics; intergenerational justice; governance of natural resources; AI and information ethics; moral enhancement/nudging/; autonomy/paternalism.


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Selected publications

Thorseth, May and Schuppert, Fabian 2018.‚Ä®Governance Towards a Green Future, in (eds) M. Düwell, G. Bos , N. van Steenbergen Towards the Ethics of a Green Future. Routledge studies in sustainability 2018 ISBN 978-1-138-06932-9, 167- 191.

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Thorseth, May, 2016. Limits of Tolerance between Real and Fictitious Publics. In Modernity - unity in diversity? Essays in honour of Helge Høibraaten. Novus Forlag 2016 ISBN 978-82-7099-840-1, 259-280.

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Thorseth, May, 2011. Global communication Online Against Fundamentalis Knowledge offline? in (eds) U.Mårtensson, J. Bailey, P. Ringrose, A. Dyrendahl: Fundamentalism in the Modern World, I.B. Tauris ISBN 978 1 848885 331 7, 25-49.

Thorseth, May; Ess, Charles, 2010.
Global information and computer ethics. I: The Cambridge handbook of information and computer ethics. Cambridge University Press 2010 ISBN 978-0-521-88898-1, 163-181.

Thorseth, May, 2008. “Reflective Judgment and Enlarged Thinking Online”, in a special issue on Kant and computer ethics of Ethics and Information Technology, edited by Charles Ess and May Thorseth. ISSN 1388-1957 (Print) 1572-8439 (Online). Online version published July 15, printed version in press, 22 p.


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