Charles Roe

Charles Roe


I’ve been studying for my PhD at the University of Leeds since 2016, supported by a Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship and the Arthur Cawley Prize. I took my BA in English language and literature at Mansfield College, Oxford (2014), and my MSt in Medieval Studies at Balliol College, Oxford, concentrating on English and French language and literature (2015).

Research interests

I study the relationship between poetry and religion in fourteenth-century England.

My doctoral thesis, ‘Narrative and Moral Consequence in London Poetry, 1375-1400’, addresses the investment shown in religious treatises by Chaucer and his associates John Gower and John Clanvowe – a surprising and unexplored element of the careers of the first English poets to adapt the assertively secular tradition of French love narrative known as the dits amoureux.

I work extensively with material in Latin and French as well as English, and maintain an active interest in textual criticism.


  • Translations of Latin texts and notes for The Battle of Neville's Cross: A Casebook, ed. by Trevor Russell Smith (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press) [under contract]
  • Transcription and translation of Elizabethan legal documents for Southampton Records Series [forthcoming]
  • ‘An Anglo-Norman Treatise on the Mass: A Critical Edition’, Leeds Medieval Studies (accepted, in final preparation)
  • 'Robert Grosseteste and the Theory of Learning: The Ordered Human, Robert Grosseteste, and Poetry', in Robert Grosseteste and Theories of Education: The Ordered Human, ed. by Jack Cunningham and Steve Puttick (London: Routledge, 2019)


I have taught undergraduate first year and second year modules on:

  • English Poetry
  • Medieval English literature
  • Renaissance English literature

I have also led support seminars on beginners’ and intermediate Latin for graduate students.

Selected Conference Papers, Seminars, and Other Activities

  • 'Literary Language and English Identity in John Gower's Mirour de l'omme', Leeds International Medieval Congress, 2019
  • 'The Work of the Parson's Tale', Biennial London Chaucer Conference, 2019
  • 'Anthoine Vérard: Redemption and Pre-Emption', Leeds International Medieval Congress, 2018
  • 'Imagining Grosseteste in the Chasteu d'amur', Science, Imagination and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and his Legacy, Pembroke College, Unversity of Oxford, 2018
  • Contributor to the Ordered Human Project, exploring Robert Grosseteste's development of pedagogy and epistemology, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, 2017
  • International Itinerant Palaeographic School fellow, Bari and Florence, 2017
  • Participant in COST Action IS1301 Training School on 'Late Medieval and Early Modern Book Culture', Athenaeum Library, Deventer, 2016
  • ‘The Mirour de seinte eglyse: ‘rudement endité’?, Pastoralia in the Late Middle Ages: Teaching, Translation, Transmission, University of Kent, 2016
  • ‘Anglo-Norman Catechesis as a Discipline’, English Graduate Conference: Discipline and Excess, University of Cambridge, 2016


  • Arthur Cawley Scholarship Prize, for PhD research in medieval literature in the School of English, 2016- 
  • Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship, 2016-2020
  • Junior Paget Toynbee Prize in Old French, University of Oxford, 2014
  • Mason Lowance Prize, in honour of John Creaser, for outstanding performance in the second year of the Honours School of English at Mansfield College, Oxford, 2013
  • Mason Lowance Prize, in memory of Malcolm Parkes, for best distinction level performance in English Prelims at Mansfield College, Oxford, 2012
  • Academic Scholarship, University of Oxford, 2012 


  • BA English Language and Literature, University of Oxford
  • MSt Medieval Studies, University of Oxford