Charles Roe


I'm interested in the long-run relationship between poetry and mythology, and the way that poets respond to social demands that poetry be useful. I usually look at these topics in the English middle ages and Renaissance, but I am also interested in the wider significance.

Research interests

My PhD thesis addresses the way in which Chaucer and Gower relate both myths and material aligned with religious truth; I suggest that their identity as poets involves a complex friction between these contradictory practices.

I work across different languages in my research and teaching, and see textual criticism as a vital counterpart to literary criticism.


  • Translations of Latin texts and notes for The Battle of Neville's Cross: A Casebook, ed. by Trevor Russell Smith (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press) [under contract]
  • 'Poetics in the Work of Robert Grosseteste', in The Ordered Human: The Purpose and Method of Learning in the Philosophy of Robert Grosseteste, ed. by Jack Cunningham and Steve Puttick [forthcoming]
  • 'Imagining Grosseteste in the Chasteu d'amur', in Science, Imagination and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and his Legacy, ed. by Giles Gasper et al. [forthcoming]

Conference Papers, Seminars, and Other Activities

  • 'Literary Language and English Identity in John Gower's Mirour de l'omme', Leeds International Medieval Congress, 2019
  • 'The Work of the Parson's Tale', Bennial London Chaucer Conference, 2019
  • 'Anthoine Vérard: Redemption and Pre-Emption', Leeds International Medieval Congress, 2018
  • 'Imagining Grosseteste in the Chasteu d'amur', Science, Imagination and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and his Legacy, Pembroke College, Unversity of Oxford, 2018
  • Contributor to the Ordered Human Project, exploring Robert Grosseteste's development of pedagogy and epistemology, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, 2017
  • 'Style and Exclusion in the Mirour de seinte eglyse', Leeds International Medieval Congress, 2017
  • International Itinerant Palaeographic School fellow, Bari and Florence, 2017
  • 'St Edmund of Abingdon: Authority, Sanctity, and the Landscape', Lords and the Landscape 800-1300, University of Oxford, 2017
  • Participant in COST Action IS1301 Training School on 'Late Medieval and Early Modern Book Culture', Athenaeum Library, Deventer, 2016
  • ‘The Mirour de seinte eglyse: ‘rudement endité’?, Pastoralia in the Late Middle Ages: Teaching, Translation, Transmission, University of Kent, 2016
  • ‘Anglo-Norman Catechesis as a Discipline’, English Graduate Conference: Discipline and Excess, University of Cambridge, 2016
  • ‘The Value of the Vulgate Cycle in High Medieval England’, English Graduate Conference, University of Oxford, 2015
  • ‘King Arthur’s Godliness’, Medieval French Seminar, University of Oxford, 2015
  • ‘The Vulgate Cycle and the Vernacular in High Medieval England’, Medieval Church and Culture Seminar, University of Oxford, 2015

Member of the Leeds Medieval Group steering committee


  • Arthur Cawley Scholarship Prize, for PhD research in medieval literature in the School of English, 2016- 
  • Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship, 2016-2020
  • Junior Paget Toynbee Prize in Old French, University of Oxford, 2014
  • Mason Lowance Prize, in honour of John Creaser, for outstanding performance in the second year of the Honours School of English at Mansfield College, Oxford, 2013
  • Mason Lowance Prize, in memory of Malcolm Parkes, for best distinction level performance in English Prelims at Mansfield College, Oxford, 2012
  • Academic Scholarship, University of Oxford, 2012 


  • BA English Language and Literature, University of Oxford
  • MSt Medieval Studies, University of Oxford