Introduction to sustainable clothing and textiles

Course overview

This course is designed for anyone involved in textiles, fashion, retail and buying who wishes to develop a clearer understanding of sustainability for the industry.

The structure of the course is design to provide an overview of the global and CSR challenges for the textile industry, and to explore how a brand’s impact is distributed through the lifecycle of the product - from materials through to customer use and disposal. By using this approach we are able to provide an insight into challenges the industry face throughout the supply chain and start to explore potential solutions and current best practice. We also touch on

the way in which a brand can develop their sustainability strategy. which is becoming more and more important as investors, NGOs, media and customers are demanding this.

We do try to tailor sessions, we have focussed on animal welfare, in particular issues associated with feather and down, as well as dye houses and chemical management.

Course structure

Course content – 1 day

• The impacts of the industry

• Product Lifecycles

• The Global Perspective of Sustainability

• Assessment Tools for Sustainability

• Green Labels and Greenwashing

• Transparency and Traceability

• NGO’s; friend or foe

• Business Response

• Sustainability as a Product Quality

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