Tom Cassidy


Professor Cassidy holds the Chair of Design. He is co-director of the Centre for Visual Communications. He holds four degrees ( ATI, MSc, MBA and PhD) and is a fellow of the Design Research Society (FRDS). He has carried out many consultancies, both nationally and internationally since the late 1970s, for agencies such as the UN, ODA and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Professor Cassidy is a regular reviewer for the Textile Research Journal, Measurement Science and Technology, the Journal of the Textile Institute and many other acdaemic journals.He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics. He has supervised 30 PhD students and three MPhil students to completion and is currently supervising five. Professor Cassidys research interests are wide and span most areas of design technology and management with particular strengths in textile and fashion design technology and education. He has held grants from the EPSRC and the AHRC for projects in Design Technology and Design Management. The Measurement of Woollen Carded Web weight per unit are by Light Obscuration. Professor Cassidy was PI on an ACME grant for this work. *The control of Woollen Yarn Moisture Regain. Professor Cassidy was PI for a grant from EPSRC for this project. * The 3D simulation of Textile Yarns: Professor Cassidy has been the Principal investigator of one EPSRC grant for this work and the CoI for two other EPSRC grants in this area. * Developing Effective Design Strategies to Support Designs, Products and Practices that have a strong origin in local or national culture. This is a collaborative project with colleagues at LICA in Lancaster University. The supporting grant is from AHRC and is worth 700, 000. Professor Cassidy is the project leader at Leeds and has a budget of 289,000. This project started in January 2014. Professor Cassidy has many more Design Technology and Design managemment interests and ongoing projects.

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Professional memberships

  • fellowship of the Design Research society