Dr Sara Li-Chou Han

Dr Sara Li-Chou Han


I joined the University of Leeds in October 2018 as part of the Fashion Marketing teaching team in the School of Design. My professional background in fashion communication and styling provide vital experience and expertise which enables me to guide students authoritatively through these areas. My research into fashion communication and sustainable business strategies allow me to create research informed teaching which is both intellectually stimulating and directly applicable for students’ future careers.

I completed a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University in 'Circular Economy Fashion Strategies' in 2017. Initial results from my PhD study were used to inform an analysis of textile sorting activities and published as part of the government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme report ‘Technologies for sorting end of life textiles’ in collaboration with sustainability research consultancy Oakdene Hollins. My PhD findings presented significant evidence to guide my development of an effective fashion communication strategy for a circular economy and the proposal of a conceptual framework for transitioning towards a circular economy fashion system.

My MSc research analysed the process of designing, retailing and promoting upcycled women’s fashion products in the UK, and I have also published work from my MSc by Research in the peer reviewed ‘Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry’ and as a peer reviewed book chapter in ‘Sustainable Fashion and Textiles’, Greenleaf Publishing.


  • Placement Tutor for Fashion Marketing

Research interests

My research areas include: 

Circular Economy fashion strategies

Sustainable fashion practices

Consumer behaviour

Fashion communication and marketing

Material scarcity and speculative design

Textile waste management

Textile recycling and innovation

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  • PhD 'Circular Economy Fashion Strategies'
  • MSc by Research 'Fashion Upcycling in the UK Womenswear Industry'
  • BA Hons Fashion and Textile Design

Professional memberships


Student education

In my learning and teaching practice, I am passionate about relating the importance of fashion communication to students as an integral part of positive behaviour change for the industry. I feel it is vital for students to develop their own critical thinking on how to rationally and creatively combine traditional fashion promotion techniques with developing media and technologies; in order to provide effective, clear and engaging messages for the fashion industry. In order to promote these skills, I have worked with students to advise their production of promotional videos, business plans and mobile application development proposals.