Introduction to textile testing

Course overview

This course is designed for all those involved in the testing of textile materials and those involved with working with results from testing houses.

Also those involved in the preparation and conformance with specification, quality, fault analysis will benefit from this course.

Course structure

Day 1

Fibres (am)
• classification of textile fibres
• physical and behavioural characteristics
• morphology and chemical structure
• the theory of fibre identification
• fibre testing: length, strength, fineness,
• quantitative analysis

Yarns (pm)
• classification of yarns
• regain, moisture content, relative humidity and effects
• Linear density: count, denier, tex and their determination
• yarn regularity: classification, principles of measurement, analysis and meaning of results
• yarn strength: straight, loop and knot measurement; analysis of load/ extension curve
• twist in yarns: measurement and expression of results; twist factors
• miscellaneous tests: yarn hairiness, friction

Day 2

• classification of fabrics, and recognition of fabric types
• mass/unit area, thickness
• sett, ends/picks and wales/courses; count of yarn from fabrics
• nonwoven fabrics: determination of method of manufacture, tests related to nonwovens
• strength testing: tear, strip, burst
• pilling, abrasion, snagging
• creasing and bending
• seam slippage, seam strength
• colour fastness & dimentional change/fabric care
• appraisal of results & specifications

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