Technical textiles

Course overview

This one day course has been designed to cover textile products that are engineered to meet intensive technical specifications related to high expectations of performance.

It will cover the basics of fibres, yarns and fabrics, their performance and behaviour. Topics to meet the needs of delegates will be selected from the list below. Laboratory testing demonstrations are also included.

This course will be of interest to technical and sales personnel involved in high performance clothing.

Course structure

Course content – 1 day

• Classification of textile fibres, yarns and fabrics

- morphology of fibrous materials including microfibres
- physical characteristics
- chemical structure
- behavioural properties

• Design and engineering of textile products

- topics will be taken from the following list:

- Optimisation of fabric performance (fibre choice, yarn and fabric construction to control shrinkage, distortion, pilling and snagging)

- Water resistance
(to include waterproof, water vapour permeability and the methods by which these are achieved, including fibre choice, fabric construction,membranes, and coatings including nano)

- Warmth
(the science of keeping warm, choice of material and product construction)

- Comfort
(fabric construction and the ergonomics of design)

• Testing laboratory demonstrations

- water resistance, repellancy, water vapour transmission, wicking, evaporation and condensation, thermal insulation and flame resistance

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