Digital textile printing

Course overview

Digital printing (inkjet printing) in textiles is a growing area. Yet with a fully digitalised process, why is it not as simple as pressing the send

to print button? This course should appeal to any fashion or textile professional wanting to become more informed and hence better able to predict and control the related creative and technical processes.

This course presents the opportunity to develop an insightful appreciation of digital printing and be able to identify its place and potential in

the wider printed fabric market. Delegates will also gain an understanding of analogue print processes and by doing so better identify the opportunities offered by digital print.

The hands-on components of the course are designed to provide an insight into an

integrated digital workflow, from concept design to obtaining the finished product and enable you to manage a digital printing process more effectively.

Course structure

Course content – 1 day

• Terms and Definitions
• Print Processes Overview – where does digital printing fit?
• How does digital process compare to conventional analogue printing techniques in key performance areas?
• Production Processes and Processing Sequence
• Colour Management Workflow
• Common colour matching issues
• Designing for Digital Prints
• Aesthetic opportunities and challenges
• Bespoke vs Generic softwares work flows and learning curves

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