Introduction to textile technology

Course overview

This course gives a wide overview of textile manufacturing, from yarns to fabrics, both woven and nonwoven through to the dyeing, printing and finishing and will be of huge value to all those involved with textiles, fashion, retail, buying, selection and merchandising.

The benefits of the course will ensure that delegates understand the products they are dealing with, be it in fabric production, garments and accessories and household textiles.


Course structure

Course content – 2 days

Day 1

• The textile manufacturing chain

• Classification and properties of fibres

- an outline of their production

• Classification of yarns

- cotton, woollen, worsted and linen production systems

- continuous filament production and texturing

• Yarn count

- linear density and twist

• Nonwoven fabrics

- classification and production systems

• Knitted fabrics

- weft knitting

- stitches, structure, production

- needles and machines

Day 2

• Woven fabrics

- weaving systems

- construction design

- fabric construction and sett

• Coloration

- dyes

- dyeing methods

- colour fastness

• Preparation and printing systems

• Finishing techniques

- methods

- aims

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