Centre for Philosophy of Religion

Centre for Philosophy of Religion

Exploring and promoting research across a broad range of approaches and religious traditions.

Centre for philosophy of religion

Who we are

We are a large and diverse community of philosophers of religion and philosophical theologians. We are committed to expanding and diversifying the conversation in philosophy of religion.  

We work across a range of different religious traditions. These include Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, African traditional religions and Afro-Brazilian traditions. We are also interested in different ways of conceptualising religious belief and commitment. Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach, working at the intersections between philosophy and cognate disciplines such as theology, religious studies, sociology and anthropology.   

We are located in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, which provides a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary research in the fields of philosophy and religion, drawing together the perspectives of philosophers, scholars of religion, theologians, and historians of science.  In addition to bringing the tools of philosophical analysis to religious concepts and beliefs, our distinctive approach to philosophy of religion comprises close attention to several key aspects:

We have a diverse range of research interests, including:


Our teaching

We offer supervision and support to students undertaking research degrees in a wide range of topics in the area of Philosophy of Religion. Supervision is available for PhD, MPhil and Masters by Research. Centre members are currently supervising PhD students on topics including Indian philosophy of religion; philosophy of religion, emotion and mental health; divine attributes; God and time.  

As well as supporting the work of research students in philosophy of religion, members of the Centre also contribute to modules and teaching in the field.

We offer a number of philosophy of religion modules at undergraduate level.

These can be taken as part of the Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PER) BA, and are also offered as options on other degree courses, such as the Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) BA and Philosophy BA 

At postgraduate level we are involved in teaching modules as part of the online-only MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.


We host a fortnightly research seminar during term-time, which takes place on alternate Thursdays, 9.30am - 11am.  These will be held online (via Teams) until January 2022. If you wish to attend or be added to the mailing list, please contact the Centre Director, Dr Tasia Scrutton (t.scrutton@leeds.ac.uk). All are welcome to attend. 

Schedule for the Autumn Term of the 2021/22 academic year

7th October – Peter Gordziejko, Does Evolution Theory ‘Save the Soul’? 

21st October – Esther McIntosh, Unmasking the Systemic Problem of Evil in Theology: A Feminist Perspective 

4th November – Jack Williams, Embodied World Construction: A Phenomenology of Ritual 

18th November – Greg Stacey, Divine Mental States Made Simple: Late Scholastic and Analytic Accounts 

2nd December – Scott Shalkowski, A Projectivist Defense of the Divine Command Theory 

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Other ways to get involved

As well as welcoming members of the public to our research seminars, we collaborate with local groups, such as the Leeds Church Institute; organise events with schools, such as ‘Question Time’ at Leeds Minster; and give public talks to community groups, with recent topics including religion and mental health, yoga and Indian philosophy, and Doctor Who and reincarnation.