Centre for Ethics and Metaethics

Centre for Ethics and Metaethics

Interdisciplinary research in moral and political philosophy.

Centre for ethics and metaethics

Our research

The Centre for Ethics and Metaethics (CEM) was founded in 2008 to support and develop research of the highest quality in moral and political philosophy, with a particular emphasis on foundational questions about normativity, morality, and practical reason. Centre members are conducting research that spans a wide range of issues in moral and political philosophy, including:

  • the nature of normativity
  • analysis of normative and evaluative language and thought
  • normative explanation and justification
  • moral knowledge and skepticism
  • moral worth
  • moral luck
  • morality and interpersonal relations
  • ethics of war and self-defence
  • distributive justice

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Earlier CEM work on reasons for action and moral psychology provides theoretical foundations for the work on good judgement, character and integrity done in IDEA. Jointly this work is making a large impact on ethics in the workplace through such activities (often co-produced with professional bodies) as consultancy on organisational ethics, development and delivery of codes of professional conduct and ethics templates, use of online materials to engage professionals in ethical reasoning and judgement and engagement with practitioners on integrity at work.


Research seminars are held during term-time. Members of the moral and political philosophy community at Leeds and visitors from the world's top institutions in both the UK and abroad present their work in progress. These seminars are open to all interested parties.

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