Liberal Arts is a highly interdisciplinary course that allows you to complement your major subject with modules from a wide range of areas. To give your studies focus we've organised these modules into seven topics according to the issues and themes they explore. 

You'll choose three topics in your first year, two in your second year, and one in your third year — exploring your interests in greater depth as you progress through your studies.

Ethics, Science and Religion

This topic brings together three perspectives on the world and human life — those of philosophy, religious traditions, and the sciences. Your studies will equip you to raise fundamental questions about what makes for a good human life. 

Literature and the Visual Arts

This topic enables and encourages the understanding of the interactions between literature and the visual arts based on a network of social, political and wider cultural discourses. 

Living Histories and Heritage

This topic draws on philosophies and practices of history, museums and heritage to explore the implications of different cultural and social imaginaries of past, present and future for the ways we live together today.

Performance, Theatre and Music

This topic provides you with an opportunity to study a diverse range of performance processes, practices and histories within an interdisciplinary context. You’ll combine a theoretical investigation of these art forms with an understanding of their practical applications. 

Society and Politics

This topic allows you to explore important discussions around the character of politics, power, the state, democracy and the impact of globalization and terrorism on politics. You'll have the opportunity to engage in exciting debates about these issues as they relate to the world that we inhabit. 

The Digital World

This topic gives you the chance to experiment with practical tools of digital research, collaboration and creation while reflecting on the impact that the digital revolution is having on our society.

Learning a Language

We offer a wide range of languages, from ancient to modern, and you can study one or more languages in each year of the course. In our increasingly global world, language skills are in great demand and can be the key to richer experiences of other countries and cultures.